Spiritual Intimacy

March 23rd

My prayer today is not for only the body of Christ to have spiritual intimacy, but for marriages within the body to experience spiritual intimacy! So many couples lack excitement, good communication skills, oneness, harmony, and their love appears to have waxed cold for one another. Even their sexual relationship is out of alignment. If you want a meaningful marriage, you have to get to know each other beyond the bedroom. Discuss with your partner about how you  communicate with God, and how He communicates with you. Develop a spiritual relationship together in the Lord. Remember, if you want them to be more open with you, don’t listen with a judgmental ear, but an understanding heart.

Note: God wants us to be spiritually transparent with our spouses.

False Leaders

March 21st

“The boss says “Go,” the leader says, “Let’s Go!”

Quote: from Harry Gordan Selfridge.

How can you tell a false leader from a true leader? The answer is in their character. True leaders love to serve; false  leaders love to be served. True leaders know how to follow; false leaders only want to be followed. True leaders have a staff in their hand; false leaders have a whip. True leaders choose their battles wisely; false leaders instigate battles. True leaders can be corrected; false leaders hate rebuke. True leaders are open minded; false leaders are one sided. True leaders are reasonable; false leaders are irrational. True leaders will share their glory; false leaders love preeminence. True leaders are real bosses; false leaders are bossy. True leaders can humble themselves; false leaders are prideful. True leaders are born; false leaders are self proclaimed. True leaders are raised up by God; false leaders are raised up by men. David, Moses and Elisha are examples of true leaders. Saul, pharaoh and Jezebel are examples of false leaders. How are you fairing out? Are you a true leader, or a false one?

Note: God will always send the true leader to deal with the false leader.


March 19th

“Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Did you know by Merriam Webster’s dictionary version the words stumbling block and offense mean the same thing? By offending someone you are wronging that person, or being a hinderance to them by giving them an opportunity to sin. In the Bible an offense means to cause another to fall. “Fall from what, you may ask?” Fall from their faith, integrity, disciplines, steadfastness, purity or grace itself. All of us at some point will have a family member, friend, coworker, companion etc in whom the devil will use, whether knowingly or ignorantly, to try to get us to fall. If you’re causing someone to fall you are an “OFFENDER!” In layman’s terms the scripture reference above just means that the consequences of offenses, ( falling) will be bad for the one who is offended, and worse for the one who is the offender, or ( the one who caused you to fall). Usually offenders only care about themselves, are in down right rebellion against God and want you to be in the same miserable state that they are in. This is why they work effortlessly to get you to fall with them; it’s like second nature. The worse offenders of them all are “carnal christians,”or those who serve God with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him; those who are lively on the outside at church, but are dead on the inside at home; those who blend in with the world, but unwilling to stick out for Christ; those who believe in God, but don’t know God. You can’t know or love someone you don’t spend time with. If I just saw my husband on Sunday’s for two hours, and not the rest of the week, would you call that a marriage? So what makes you think you can do the same thing with God, and think you’re in any kind of committed relationship with Him?

Most people want to be popular and stick out with men, only to blend back in with the crowd, but when you stick out for God you will stick out like a sore thumb; just like Christ did when He was naked on the cross. In other words, the offenders will be uncomfortable around you, and you will be uncomfortable around them. Offenders will call you too spiritually minded ( stuck up) and no earthly good: but there is no such thing. If people were even nearly striving to be spiritually minded, there would be no need to write this message. If you are a person that is in agreement or partnership with the devil to cause any of God’s children to fall, and that person cry’s out against you to the Lord, it will not be well with you!

Note: If you’re not being accused of being a “Holy Roller,” then maybe you’re not rolling with the “Holy One” after all.

Peace Be Still


“And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”
‭‭Mark‬ ‭4:39‬ ‭KJV‬‬

God is calling for us to command peace to be still in our lives. That goes for every situation and circumstance we have. We can command peace to be still in our mind, heart, body, marriage, family and home. Command peace to be still on your job, in your car, at the doctor’s office and in the mist of whatever storm you may face. Peace is equated with the word calm, as you read in the scripture reference above. It wasn’t just a calm, “There was a great calm.” This means the calmness was undeniable. To have peace means to have nothing missing and nothing broken. This will be so in every area you command peace to be still. In other words, “peace has to lodge, dwell, reside:” It cannot move out of the place you command it to stay. This power is permitted by faith in the name of Jesus!

Note: The Prince Of Peace, (Jesus) wants you to have peace.

False Battles

March 11th

A false battle is a sneaky method of warfare used by satan to get you to use all of your energy fighting the wrong thing or person. Even the word of God teaches us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. You can’t fight a spiritual thing with a natural weapon. We’re so busy fighting each other that we forget that the real enemy is a “defeated foe,” and is not of flesh, but a spirit. I heard a tragic story about a boy who lost his life because someone thought he stole their video game. The owner of this video game, spent all of his time hunting and butchering this boy, not to mention the time and energy he waisted running from the police; only to find out that the real thief was alive and well, and enjoying his property. The perpetrator got off Scott free, while a innocent person lost his life in the process. This boy was so possessed with playing video games, when he should have been focused on his future. This resulted in him fighting the wrong thing and person. How many of us like this young man, are playing games in life? Are you spinning your wheels on the wrong mission, assignment, people or thing? False battles rob you from the victory and progress you could have had fighting the real one. Some of you think you are hitting the bullseye because of the status of your material, financial and social growth; but God measures victory by your spiritual growth. When God gives you a true battle to fight, it will not be of this world, gaining just earthly possessions, but of His kingdom gaining life eternal!

Note: your hit might be dead on, but you could have the wrong target.